Data Enrichment

Data Quality Driven by Enrichment

The enrichment services in Platform X are used in a modular, micro-service approach, integrating with any third-party services which can enrich your lead data.

Enrichment services include contact centre verification from our Liverpool based call centre. We are also able to offer a multi channel contact centre system that allows us to use SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Webchat. This mix of services significantly increases contact rates of leads.

As Used by...

Data Enrichment

Bespoke Enrichment Services

Complete control for clients over which enrichment services run against lead sources and types, creating bespoke campaigns tailored to exacting requirements.

Data Enrichment

Trusted System

Our enrichment system is transparent, and each time a lead is verified or enriched an event is logged on the blockchain, creating a permanent record of that activity, to which clients have access.

“Our aim was to create a ‘Best in - market lead generation campaign’ and I believe we did so."
Daniel Sichel
Mindshare (Ford)
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