Data Distribution

Closing the Loop

By closing the loop and correlating consumer behaviours with industry specific data insights, we are able to optimise every step of the consumer journey up to distribution.

This means that no matter how TLA integrates with your systems, we can ensure high quality data is securely passed to you primed for conversion.

There are several methods of integration available including full, real-time webservices, and API integration between manufacturer CRM’s and our platform.

As Used by...

Data Distribution

CRM Integration

Understand your data insights – from high level conversion rates right down to dealership performance.

Data Distribution

Data Delivery

If direct API integration is unavailable, our platform can send data to your server instead.

Data Distribution

Data Retrieval

As well as delivery, our platform can also retrieve your data from a secure FTP location.

Data Distribution

Single Integration

TLA does the heavy lifting for future campaigns, integrations and your data partners.

“Our aim was to create a ‘Best in - market lead generation campaign’ and I believe we did so."
Daniel Sichel
Mindshare (Ford)
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