Third Party Integrations

Qualify. Validate. Enrich.

Our Customer Acquisition Platform has been designed to ingest and process data from any source that clients generate data from. This includes pre-existing integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The platform also allows for third-party integrations with validation and enrichment tools, giving our partners full control over which services they use to qualify, validate and enrich data.


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Third Party Integrations

Data Sources

Our Customer Acquisition Platform can handle and process data from any third-party data supplier.

Third Party Integrations


The Platform offers partners complete control over which services they access and which lead sources they plug in.

Third Party Integrations

Validation and Enrichment

Our solution integrates an array of third-party validation systems into our platform. Data is validated by these external trusted providers, and results stored securely against the record.

“Our aim was to create a ‘Best in - market lead generation campaign’ and I believe we did so."
Daniel Sichel
Mindshare (Ford)
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