Customer Acquisition Platform

Transparency and Security at our Core

Our market-leading, end-to-end Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP) has been built from the ground up to work exclusively within the automotive market as we understand the need and value of deep-vertical intelligence when executing complex and high-value customer acquisition programmes.

It uses an event-based data model, recording every customer acquisition touch point from initial engagement1 to CRM data delivery. All data is recorded securely to provide an immutable, transparent audit trail.

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Customer Acquisition Platform


Immutable data storage provides a tamper proof record of lead data. Full audit trails and call recordings (if applicable) can be provided on request.

Customer Acquisition Platform


Each interaction with consumer data is recorded and logged securely, adhering to ISO standards and GDPR best practices.

Customer Acquisition Platform

Lead verification, validation, and de-duplication capabilities.

Our Customer Acquisition Platform provides data structure and field verification checks for all lead data submitted. It includes adjusting data to standard formats required to meet the need of clients delivery point.

“Our aim was to create a ‘Best in - market lead generation campaign’ and I believe we did so."
Daniel Sichel
Mindshare (Ford)
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