CRM Integrations

Optimise Activity. Track Quality.

It is straightforward to get started on Platform X and to directly integrate from a CRM to the platform via an API.

This ensures we can achieve a feedback loop, allowing our clients to optimise activity and track improvements in lead quality.

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CRM Integrations


Our integration mechanism is preferably via API. This real time integration involves a system ‘handshake’ that ensures data has been received successfully.

CRM Integrations


There are multiple ways to push data in to our API. Alternatively, clients can provide a data file which the platform can ingest.

CRM Integrations

One Solution

Direct CRM integration allows for the push and pull of data, meaning Platform X can also store conversion data against records. This allows clients to track leads from source right the way through to conversion.

“Our aim was to create a ‘Best in - market lead generation campaign’ and I believe we did so."
Daniel Sichel
Mindshare (Ford)
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