IWD2021 – Emily Barry

International Women’s Day is a celebration of all of the achievements of women across the world. At TLA we are incredibly fortunate to have many successful women who work tirelessly to ensure we deliver our mission and vision. This week we’re highlighting some of the brilliant women at TLA. Today we’re joined by Emily Barry!!

Emily Barry

As a Project Manager the day to day of my role can be really varied – definitely a case of no two days are the same! At the moment my role is mainly managing client integrations into Platform X. This involves everything from managing, prioritising and unblocking the developers workload, to organising and overseeing successful test sessions with our clients tech teams, to being the primary contact for clients when they need commercially driven tech updates. But at the same time I’ll also be supporting the Design team with project delivery – which at the moment is the TLA House (coming soon!). Although the Design projects tend to be completely different in nature to say, technical project delivery, my role is fundamentally the same. I’m here to support, facilitate and communicate.

I did a module at Uni in Project Management and really enjoyed it. I think it was the opportunity to be hyper organised and the satisfaction of hitting deadlines that appealed to me. It was definitely a turning point when I realised I had a skill set that was really quite special, and I just needed to get better and more experienced in that. So since then I’ve found ways to gain more exposure of project managing across various industries from my background in engineering right through to hospitality and event planning, before I decided to bite the bullet and make a career of it when I applied for a Junior PM role at TLA two years ago!

Project Management gives a great opportunity to stay in a specialist area, your technical knowledge won’t be wasted at all, whilst also being in a role that comes with exposure to how and why businesses operate as they do. There are no hiding places in Project Management, so if you’re a woman looking to step up and demonstrate a wide range of talents as well as subject knowledge then Project Management is for you.

There are so many roles that are stepping stones into Project Management, and so much learning you need to do on the job to ace it. Understanding the theories and frameworks is a great start but the more experience you can get on the job the better. It’s not a completely stress-free career, but it does allow for great work life balance.

I don’t think you’ll speak to another woman who has come from, or is still in, a STEM role without hearing her say that at some point she was the only woman in the room. It can be really hard work asserting yourself in that environment, we’ve all been there and we all get it! But push on, you’re so needed and valued. Oh, and when you’re in the room open the door up for other women to join you.