Goodbye The Lead Agency, Hello TLA

The Lead Agency (TLA) is the market leader in lead generation for the UK automotive sector and today we launch our new brand identity. We believe this new brand more accurately reflects our continued growth in the performance marketing space.

Founded in 2002, we have firmly established TLA as the UK’s foremost provider of sales-qualified consumers to more than 30 automotive brands, and, while lead generation remains a core part of our business’ offering, we believe that our previous brand no longer conveyed our growing portfolio of services in performance marketing, content and technology solutions.

Coinciding with our 18th birthday celebrations this month, The Lead Agency will rebrand as TLA, with an accompanying new visual identity and brand message.

“It is important that our brand mirrors not just how we have evolved, but how our market has changed.” Says Anton Hanley, TLA CEO.

“Lead generation is a part of a larger performance marketing ecosystem for our clients, and we have evolved to offer far more than our existing brand suggests, including transformational technology solutions and a greater portfolio of performance marketing options.”

“Our new brand identity focuses on who we are today and what we really excel in, and we are excited to share it with our clients, partners and the wider market.”

“We wanted to understand exactly what the business stood for and aspired to be, and worked closely with colleagues over a three month period to really drill into the core of TLA’s corporate identity.” Says Jonny Kimber, Lead Designer and primary architect of the new brand identity.

“The primary themes that emerged were automotive expertise, the quest for excellence, technological innovation and drive and ambition, all of which are reflected in our new logo: by the toggle itself, which represents both technology and our drive by constantly being “on” for our clients; and by the toggle switch, which shows a starred alloy, signifying automotive expertise and excellence.”

“It has been a fascinating process and has helped us get an even stronger sense of who TLA is from the perspective of clients, partners and new and existing employees.”

The brand launch comes weeks after the release of Platform X, our end-to-end consumer acquisition platform that will revolutionise the way that brands operate and measure performance marketing campaigns across their entire spectrum of channels.